Saturday, April 3, 2010

Dress Up - March 11, 2010

Derringer is always walking around the house doing everything he sees his Papa do. Derringer loves to wear Papa's boots around and then when we ask him where he is going he tells us that he is "working."

Derringer is telling us about his day at "work."

Cute little Hunter sleeping.

Hanging Out - March 7, 2010

Hunter just loving life, being a happy boy.

Derringer following Papa around the house after lunch.
(As you can see he ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.)

Derringer thinks he's headed to a fire like Papa.

Picking up the house - March 5 , 2010

Since Derek has Fridays off we decided it would be the best day to tidy up Hunter's big boy bedroom when the time comes for him to move into it. But obviously that is about two years away so it is being used as a spare room for when family comes to visit. Derringer is being a really good helper by finding a lot of stuff that he thinks is awesome to play with as you can see.

Derringer playing with a gas mask and gun.

Derringer scooting around on a firetruck that his papa had since he was little. All Derringer talks about is fire, John Deere, and tools. Gee I wonder where that came from?!

We have had beautiful weather so we have been working out in the yard which needs a lot of TLC. We are trying to get it ready so that we can plant flowers and lay sod. Derringer loves playing outside especially in the dirt!

Derringer helping clean up the front porch.

Derringer is the best helper.

Frog Ballpit Fun - March 3, 2010

Here are just some cute random pictures of Hunter and Derringer:

Hunter talking while kicking around in the boppy.

Hunter striking a pose!

Hunter exhausted from all the pictures mom
has been taking with the new camera.

Derringer having fun in his Frog Pool which has been
converted to a ballpit which has a lot less cooties than
the one at McDonald's (which he will never go in!)

Derringer taking a break from all the fun!

Hunter - March 2, 2010

Hunter is a very happy, sweet baby. Sometimes when he wakes up to eat during the night he starts talking and doesn't stop for fifteen minutes or so. Even though it's four o'clock in the morning, it's still cute. I can tell he is going to be as silly as Derringer. Which isn't a bad thing. We are very grateful for our two little monkeys.

Hunter's just happy that it's morning.

You can't see Derringer but Hunter is telling him a story while
he eats breakfast. Derringer just laughs and says "That funny!"

Hunter enjoys his bouncer...

And more kisses from Derringer throughout the day!

Another Day of Playing with Toys & Loving on Hunter - March 1, 2010

Derringer loves playing with toys, of course, but I think even more than that he loves the bins that his toys are in. Derringer plays really well by himself and Hunter loves his older brother and always smiles and coos at almost everything that Derringer does. And of course, he loves when he gets kisses from his big brother!

February 29, 2010 - Derringer dancing around and being silly

Derringer is a dancing fool. Everytime he hears music he is singing and dancing no matter what. Although his singing consists of his mouth moving like he knows every word yet nothing comes out. I caught him doing some of his dance moves but then he tried to act like he is shy, which is definitely not the case.

Derringer bustin' a move.

Derringer acting shy since he got caught on camera.

Derringer thinking it is the first day of kindergarten with this pose.

Derringer's supposed silly angry face.